Aim Medical tent system

Emergency Relief Tent

Aim medical tent system is a portable tunnel type tent system suitable for disaster response, medical facility, a field hospital in any area of the world. It can easily accommodate supplies, beds, operation rooms, wards, general checkup, and other treatment facilities as required.
Its ability to connect with the same type of tents makes unlimited possibilities of its usage.

Key Features:

  • bell tentPortable
  • Bell tentClustring connectivity
  • BULLETAdoptable to all weathers
connecting sections

Roof: UV Stabilized PVC.
Insulation: 2 layer Weather insulation.
Inner: Light Weight lining.
Floor: PVC Coated Floor Sheet.

Groundsheet: PE material or PVC coated Anti Slip sheet
Frame: Iron frame or optional Aluminum frame with iron connectors
Doors: Soft Door with Zips or Hard door of Aluminum or PVC
Windows: with Mesh and Canvas Flap
Ventilation: Air ventilation and Exhaust ducts
HVAC Connection: Connection ports and air duct
Tent packed in Big carry Box or Multiple boxes as required
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