Glamping Dome tent

 luxury geodesic dome tent

Geo Dome Geodesic Tent is great outdoor camping tents with luxury interior and home comfort because of its size and design. We design geodesic dome, manufacture, and supply with, Highest quality materials and meticulous fabrication process guarantee.

Key Features:

  • bell tentComfortable living
  • Bell tentEasy to install/li>
  • BULLETCustomization
  • BULLETChoice of color schemes

5 meter  – 16 foot diameter  (Suitable for room accommodation)
6 meter – 20 foot diameter (Suitable for room with attached bath area)
7 meter – 23 foot diameter (Suitable for room with attached bath area or double story bed setup)

Custom size can be made as well

Color Options: White, beige, Jungle green, Chocolate Brown, Smoke grey, Black, Yellow,  Blue, Red, other


Outer Layer: Double Side PVC Coated Fabric 610 GSM to 850 GSM according to Dome Size
Middle Layer: Insulation layer right after outer PVC cover to lower down weather effect
Inner Layer: Decorative inner lining to cover the frame from inside
Front Window: Front window made of Transparent PVC Sheet
Frame: Iron Frame Structure with fitting accessories and base plates

Three Layer Windows:
1. Inner Canvas Flap
2. Mosquito mesh
3. Outer Transparent screen with velcro

Door Options:
Fabric Door
Aluminum Door
Wooden Door

Packing: Tents are packed in rolled bales with all accessories. Bigger size tents are divided into multiple bales & Cartons
Logo & Shipping marks: Customized to your requirements.
  • Inner Partitions
  • Stove Pipe Chimney.
  • Ground sheet.
  • Hard Door.
  • Stove
  • PVC fabric glass
  • Color options (beige, Tane, off white, Khaki, Jungle green, Olive green, Chocolate Brown, Dark Ded, Smoke grey, Black)

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