Poly-Cotton Canvas Fabric

Waterproof and Dyed

We are manufacturing high quality canvas made in mix blend of cotton and polyester. Normally it is made in 65:36 50:50 and free ratio materials as required by clients. The width available from 90cm to 200cm

Key Features:

  • bell tent In-house processing
  • Bell tent Packing in Rolls
  • BULLET Light and heavy quality
  • BULLET Dyed in any shade

Blend: Poly Cotton 65:36 50:50 or free ratio
Weave: Canvas Weave 1×1
Weight: 250 GSM to 650 GSM

Process: Waterproof
-Rot Proof
-UV Resistant (optional)
-Flame retardant (Optional)

Available Width: 90cm to 200cm

Packing & Shipping:

Packing: Rolls

Length: 50 Yards or 50 Meters

Stuffing: 275 Rolls to 325 Rolls (as per  fabric quality)

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